REACT lifecycle hooks explained

Good article on lifecycle hooks.

JavaScripts at JavaScript Kit

Many different scripts to enhance websites, plus tutorials.

Javascriptkit website

Progress and Loading bar examples

Examples using jQuery and CSS3.

I used jQuery.PercentLoader in my Pomodoro Clock

CSS equally spacing objects

The best way to space out divs evenly!

CSS Font Stack - Dan's Tools

Dan's Tools for web design

Node JS Shopping Cart Tutorial

This tutorial uses Express Generator to scaffold the project. The full tutorial is here: YouTube playlist

CSS3 Grid Layout reference

CSS3 Progress bars

CCS Tricks article demo of nice looking progress bars.

CSS3 Progress Bars

Flexbox explained

Article explaining CSS layout helper flexbox.

Working with Collections in JavaScript

This is a nice article explaining map() reduce() & filter() in JavaScript

Free Books on GitHub

Loads of free online books. Get your bedtime reading now!

Git Hub list of free programming books

Topics include JavaScript, Node, Linux, Java, PHP etc.

Quick guide to Flexbox Guide to Flexbox

Node Timer example

Here is code which will increment a timing function for 3 seconds:

var waitTime = 3000;
var curTime = 0;
var waitInterval = 100;
var percentWait = 0;

function writeWaitingPct(p) {
  process.stdout.write(`waiting ... ${p} %`);

var interval = setInterval(function () {
  curTime += waitInterval;
  percentWait = Math.floor((curTime/waitTime)*100);
}, waitInterval);

setTimeout(function() {
}, waitTime);


This works with Node JS

Recursion explained

Javascript Escape Characters

When you need to output longs string sentences, you may need to escape certain characters.

Git guide

This is the Free Code Camp tutorial on GIT - how to install software projects there.

Javascript Object Comparison

Article about Objects in JS

Flag sprites

A useful site which creates a spite with flags and accompanying CSS classes to use.

Example sprite (24x24):


Dotclear! CMS

First  time I have tried this CMS so let's see how it goes.